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Green tea health benefits: the objective truth

The health benefits of green tea


We've read it hundreds of times: green tea is one of the healthiest drinks out there--from cholesterol, to energy, to focus, to weight loss--but how much of that is the truth? Here are the facts as published in academic journals.  

Green tea has a positive impact on heart health

1. According to research published in a 2008 issue of Journal of Nutritional & Environmental MedicineGreen tea has the ability to lower LDL cholesterol, as well as the ability to reduce the formation of blood clots. (this last part is really important as thrombosis, which is the abnormal formation of blood clots, is a leading cause of heart attack and stroke).

2. Green tea contains compounds called catechins, which protect the vascular system by promoting antioxidative, anti-hypertensive, anti-inflammatory, and lipid lowering effects.

Green tea *probably* fights cancer (again the catechins!)

1. In a 2009 study published in Critical Reviews in Food Science & Nutrition, research suggests that catechins hinder the release of tumor-necrosis factor-alpha, a compound involved in the formation of tumors.

2. This same study also asserts that green tea catechins are likely responsible for apoptosis, the programmed death of cancer cells.

Green tea benefits weight loss

1. Clinical trial results published in Alternative Medicine Review suggests that green tea stimulates the metabolic rate to promote weightloss because of its association with thermogenesis, the body’s production of heat.

2.  These same trials also suggest that green tea inhibits fat digestion, thereby helping to maintain weightloss.

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