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5 ways to travel like a minimalist

travel like a minimalist

The warm months are upon us and it's time to get serious about planning your travel, but packing your bags to be light as a feather is a challenge.

Traveling isn't about taking all the comforts of home. Traveling minimally lets us focus on the present, in turn allowing us to connect better with the world around us. 

Here's your guide for packing minimally.

Leave your suitcase, love your backpack

Start here. Buy a 40 litre super lightweight pack. The adaptability of a backpack along with its flexibility will accommodate itself to any scenario the presents itself. Having limited space will also force you to get serious about your packing. 

Skip the what-ifs

Embrace the uncertainty of the unknown. If you think to yourself, I may need this, leave it at home. 

Minimise your clothing

Depending on where you're going, three or four tops, two pairs of shorts, one pair of pants, and a lightweight jacket covers the essentials for a week away. If you plan on nights out, pack one outfit that can handle all nightlife scenarios, but each piece should also be able to be worn during the day as well. Leave the blazer, dress and heels at home. 

Care not for your hair

Hair products are notorious for adding dead weight to your bag. Straighteners, blow dryers, conditioners and brushes are a great way to fill up your bag. Leave it at home. Same goes for excess toiletries. if you get really desperate, just go buy it.

Take one gadget (your phone)

Your laptop will be the biggest "what if" in your bag. Trust in your phone; you can answer emails without getting too deep into work, it takes great quality photos, and serves as the ultimate reference guide.

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