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How to Make Cold-Brew Matcha Green Tea

 cold brew matcha tea

There are heaps of ways to enjoy the health benefits of matcha green tea: as a hot drink, as a latte, or in desserts and even savoury dishes. One of the most beneficial and enjoyable ways to enjoy matcha is as a cold brew.

Cold brew matcha is simply matcha green tea prepared entirely with cold water. Unlike iced matcha, the water used for preparation of cold brew matcha is not heated at all; instead it's icy cold. (Iced matcha is made with hot water then cooled and ice is added). Preparation of cold brew matcha is fast, uncomplicated, and, before you know it, the beverage is ready to enjoy.

Making cold brew matcha is as easy as adding matcha powder to your water bottle, blender, or even a cocktail shaker, adding icy cold water, and thoroughly shaking or blending it. Drink it immediately, or take it with you; just remember that over time, the matcha will settle at the bottom, so re-shaking regularly will be necessary.

The matcha powder to water ratio is entirely dependent upon personal taste; however as a guide, we recommend one teaspoon of matcha powder to five hundred millilitres of cold water. Alter proportions accordingly to taste; less matcha powder will give a thinner beverage; more matcha will make the drink thicker.

For a slow-brewed ice cold matcha, spoon a couple of teaspoons of matcha powder into a pitcher, then fill with ice. Allow it to rest for several hours; the ice will melt and slowly brew the matcha. Pour over ice to enjoy.

For a taste twist, try adding a little ginger, lime, or agave.

Cold brew matcha is the perfect summer drink. It looks amazing in a cold glass, with its rich verdant colouring; it tastes amazingly refreshing; and you know you’re not just enjoying a tasty treat; you are filling your body with nutrient-rich goodness. Drink up!

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