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Meditate with Matcha

matcha aids meditation

Modern life can be overwhelming, and it’s not easy to take a step back and just “Be” in the moment (especially when you’re reading this while waiting in line for the iPhone 6 plus). But the importance of doing so can’t be understated. Meditation is one way to achieve this.

The idea that a simple cup of tea could assist in meditation may sound far-fetched, yet with matcha green tea, it’s true. Matcha has been used for ages to help to be calm and alert during meditation.

Meditation isn’t necessarily about emptying the mind, but more an exercise in being present and mindful, allowing thoughts and sensations to come and be released.

The benefits of meditation are enormous. Meditation reduces stress, tension, anxiety, and high blood pressure; increases happiness and peace of mind; relieves pain, which may be physical, mental, or emotional,; and improves overall concentration.

How can matcha help in the process of meditation?

By drinking matcha before meditating, you “kick-start” the meditative process. The mind and body will be more at ease and experience less mental distraction. You can focus without falling asleep, yet not feel at all jittery (like you can so often after drinking coffee, for example). How’s this work?

There is a chemical in matcha called L-theanine, an amino acid almost exclusively found in the tea plant. It’s been scientifically proven to reduce stress, both physical and psychological, whilst at the same time improving mood and cognition. It even stimulates alpha-wave activity within the brain, which is the state which people who meditate seek to achieve.

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