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Remake Your Morning With Matcha

We all know the feeling. You wake up in the morning and the first thing your brain can compute is, “Coffee! Now!”

We’re here to tell you that there is a MUCH better alternative to drinking coffee first thing in the morning – and, in no time, you’ll even find dragging yourself out of bed to be not such a drag. Even on Monday mornings.

The better way

We consume too too much caffeine – in coffee, black tea, colas, energy drinks, and chocolate. Too much caffeine makes you jittery, angsty, and can even harm your adrenal glands – which control how you physically respond to stress.

But a moderate amount of caffeine isn’t bad at all. And the caffeine in matcha green tea is caffeine with a difference.

Matcha is a healthy energy drink. There are scientific studies which prove that having a cup of matcha gives you longer lasting energy than any cup of coffee can. The added bonus is that the energy from matcha won’t make you jittery at all – in fact, you will feel calm and focused.

Another bonus of drinking matcha instead of coffee is that it’s full of healthy goodness – vitamins and minerals by the bucketload. This little drink packs a big punch!

Replace your morning coffee with matcha. We did – so we know how much better and brighter you’ll feel. It sets you up for the day right from the start – and in no time, you’ll likely want to replace all of your coffees with matcha. Why not? Not only does it taste great – it’s great for you.

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