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Our top three vegan matcha smoothie recipes

vegan matcha smoothie

Our Top 3 Vegan Matcha Smoothies

A great smoothie is a meal in itself. You can add pretty much anything you like to the mix, and all you need is a range of fresh ingredients, a blender, and - voila! A delicious meal in a glass.

The very best smoothies are vegan – they’re clean, healthy and fresh, and are a great way to start the day, or an easy lunch to make if you’re at home. Smoothies also make a great dessert! Load your smoothie with fresh fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and protein – and of course, some vibrant matcha for a real energy and antioxidant boost.

Here are our top three vegan matcha smoothie recipes. Each recipe serves one.


The Power Breakfast Smoothie 

1 tbsp pea protein powder

125 ml almond milk

½ avocado

A handful of frozen raspberries

1 tsp superior matcha

1 tsp chia seeds


EcceKo Vegan Matcha Banana Smoothie

300ml unsweetened almond milk

1/2 frozen banana cut into chunks

1 tsp superior matcha

1/4 vanilla pod, scraped

3 ice cubes


The Minty Matcha Smoothie 

1 tsp superior matcha

1 lemon, zest and pith removed

1 large apple, roughly chopped

A 2.5cm piece of fresh ginger

1 sprig of fresh mint


For each smoothie, simply blend all ingredients on high speed until smooth.

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