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Optimal Dental Health – Drink Matcha!

Oral hygiene should be a top priority for everyone: not just so that those around us can enjoy our clean fresh breath, but also because optimal dental health prevents a plethora of other complicated health issues, including mouth ulcers, cardiovascular disease, and oral cancers. It is scientifically proven that oral health and gum disease have a strong link to heart disease. This is due to certain bacteria's which reside in the mouth.

According to Japanese custom, those who drink plenty of matcha green tea experience fewer cavities in their teeth and a lower incidence of gingivitis (inflammation of the gums). Science now supports this claim.

School children in China who drink green tea daily enjoy much better dental health – and as matcha tea is much higher in goodness than simple green tea, it makes sense that the benefits of matcha will be exponentially higher.

How can drinking matcha green tea keep your mouth in pristine condition?

  • Matcha green tea is sky high in content of catechins – these antioxidants have a strong antibacterial action which inhibits the bacteria's that cause cavities. Imagine each mouthful of matcha green tea as an army of microscopic warriors, scrubbing plaque from your teeth to prevent disease and cavities.
  • Matcha has widespread antibacterial properties, which work not just on the teeth, but on the whole mouth, including the palate, tongue, and throat. This prevents bacteria from adhering to the teeth and also limits the production of harmful acids caused by these bacteria's. Vegans are especially at risk, with a higher acid content in the mouth than non-vegans. Drinking matcha is the simple answer for lowering acid content in the mouth.
  • Matcha tastes refreshing and leaves your breath feeling and smelling clean – unlike coffee which is a renowned culprit for less than stellar breath. Also, unlike coffee, matcha green tea won’t stain your teeth.

A cup of hot matcha tea, or a glass of iced matcha, is a perfect and delicious after-meal treat which is akin to brushing your teeth. It cleanses and refreshes the entire mouth, and packs a real punch in guaranteeing your overall health and wellbeing.

What are you waiting for? Bottoms up!

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