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Matcha vs Green Tea – What’s the Difference?


Green tea is among the healthiest beverages known to man, offering substantial benefits to both physical and mental health, and it tastes wonderfully refreshing!

You might ask, what is the difference between green leaf tea and matcha green tea powder? And why is matcha green tea so much more concentrated in its benefits than regular green tea?

Most green teas are simply the aromatic essence remaining when the Camellia sinensis leaf is dried and steeped in boiling water. The leaves have been steamed, roasted, or pan-fired, and they are not consumed as a whole. Green tea is full of antioxidants, has a delicate aroma and flavour, and is subtly fragrant.

Unlike other green tea varieties, matcha green tea is the ground leaf of the Camellia sinensis – and as such, the entire tea leaf is consumed. These plants are cultivated in a special way as well; only grown in a certain region in Japan where the climate is prefect, the plant is grown in the shade for a number of weeks prior to harvesting. This shade-growth method slows the growing process, allowing an increased amino acid content to occur in the leaves, resulting in a tea which is sweeter. Only the finest, darkest buds are used, as these contain the highest levels of plant nutrients.

Matcha tea is of a thicker, creamier consistency than green leaf teas, and has a unique flavour.

Note that not all powdered green tea is matcha! Be wary when purchasing powdered green tea that you are actually getting matcha, and not an inferior product. Authentic matcha is a prized and treasured Japanese tea, and it is expensive in comparison to other tea products. But you truly do get what you pay for – and premium matcha is worth every penny. The beauty of matcha green tea powder is that only a very small amount is needed to make a wonderful cup of matcha tea – so when you buy matcha green tea powder, it will translate to many more beverages than the equivalent amount of leaf tea or coffee.

Think of matcha as the premium big sister of green tea. It looks and tastes more robust, and its content of what we consider to be “beneficial body warriors” (antioxidants, catechins, etc) is much more potent than in other tea varieties. Green tea is great – but we believe matcha is better!

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