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Ten Things to Know about Matcha Green Tea


Why make matcha part of your day?

  1. It offers an energy buzz without caffeine jitters. Coffee contains an average of 160mg caffeine per cup. A cup of matcha green tea contains just under half this level of caffeine; by drinking matcha, you will enjoy the benefits of caffeine but without the accompanying jitters (or bad breath) that coffee delivers.
  1. It’s a treasure trove of antioxidants. There is no more antioxidant-rich food per gram known to man than matcha green tea powder. This is why it is so prized for its health benefits to consumers, which include a reduced risk of diabetes, degenerative disease, and cardiovascular disease, lower cholesterol levels, and a myriad of other beneficial health implications.
  1. It’s ten times more potent than regular green tea. In fact, in terms of antioxidant content and nutritional value, a cup of matcha green tea is equivalent to ten cups of regular leaf green tea.
  1. It can help with weight loss. Matcha can help boost metabolism, thanks to the polyphenols EGCG. It also gives an energy boost (thanks to the aforementioned caffeine content). It’s recommended that the best weight loss benefits come if you drink it cold – the body boost its metabolic rate as it works harder to warm up.
  1. It is calming. The amino acid L-theanine in matcha increases mental alertness while maintaining calm. This works by reducing blood pressure, heart rate, and the production of stress hormones.
  1. It boosts concentration. There is a very good reason Zen monks have sworn by matcha for centuries! L-theanine promotes brain alpha waves – these assist with focus, calm, alertness, and lower stress levels. There is no spike and slump as experienced when drinking coffee; the focus benefits are maintained for up to six hours.
  1. It helps fight cancer. We would never suggest matcha as a first line treatment for cancer. But used alongside conventional medical treatments, matcha can help. Matcha contains catechins which are very potent and help to prevent DNA damage, can help kill cancer cells, and may even help to halt the growth of cancer cells. It may help to prevent cancer from developing in the first place.
  1. It boosts your immunity and slows ageing. When you consume matcha, you consume the entire tea leaf. This translates to consumption of high levels of antioxidants, dietary fibre, Vitamins A, B-complex, C, E, and K, and minerals.
  1. There is no better detox. Chlorophyll, which gives the vibrant green to matcha powder, helps remove harmful toxins from the body, including heavy metals, and also restores balance of pH and cleanses the blood.
  2. It tastes great and has many uses. Not only fabulous to drink as a hot or cold beverage, matcha green tea powder makes a great addition to savoury dishes, cakes, desserts, and even spice rubs for meat. It can be used to make body scrubs and you can even add it to a hot bath for a relaxing yet stimulating soak.

Get on the matcha green tea bandwagon today – we guarantee you will never want to get off!

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Alba Castro
Alba Castro

May 08, 2015

I’m matchalover, I drink it every day, I start my day with matcha!

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